Role of Visual – Sculpture Art Creation in the Context of Sustainable Behaviour


International multidisciplinary approach in art creation

RE - USE Project

The consortium of partners consists of organisations from three European countries coming from different European regions: Czech Republic - Sculpture line, Italy - Areacreativa42, Slovakia - Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava

  International multidisciplinary co-creating of artworks
 Innovative approaches in the context of sustainability
  Young talents, proffessionals and experts
 New quality of the open urban space 
Hackathon in April in the Czech Republic

Sculpture line (CZE)

The main activity of Sculpture Line s.r.o. is to support young visual artists. The company focuses on the disciplines of sculpture, painting and glass art. We form a platform for services offered mainly to young talents in the visual arts. We represent the interests of our clients when dealing with gallerists, collectors and artists. We define strategies for art collections, their setting up as well as management. We connect art-related personalities, investors, supporters, patrons and philanthropists. Our primary focus is on contemporary art in three art domains: painting, sculpture and glass. In addition, we support also experienced artists by accompanying them throughout their professional lives. Our professional team consists of personalities of Czech and international importance such as academic sculptor Jaroslav Róna, professor Emeritus Kurt Gebauer; curator, documentary filmmaker and operetta director Martin Dostál; curator, painter, lecturer Inga Aru; painter, sculptor and curator Wolfgang Gramm. In addition, Sculpture line cooperates also with other respected authors: Jiří David, Michal Gabriel, Kurt Gebauer, Lukáš Rittstein. 
Furthermore, Sculpture line is experienced in preparing and organizing educational workshops focussed on working with arts, building collections, and investing in art. One of the core activities is represented by annual Sculpture Line Festival, an international open-air urban sculpture festival. It provides a platform to showcase monumental works by Czech and international sculptors to the widest public. Its intention is to make cities ´more beautiful´. At the same time it helps its participants not only to admire the beauty of the artworks, but also to discover different corners of the cities, as well as places that are important to the festival partners. Over the past years, the sculpture festival has already been active in 15 states, 40 cities with a total of 86 installations by 49 artists. The festival, which usually runs for four summer months includes also tailored made accompanying cultural and educational programmes.

Areacreativa42 (ITA)

  Areacreativa42 works mainly with emerging young and old artists and support young curators that come from social sciences and humanities study disciplines such as history of art, communication, management, graphics, when entering the art system. Its mission is to give the opportunity to gain experience so they can pursue their career in important foundations and institutions. Particular attention is given to organising and setting up exhibitions, events, educational workshops, artists´ and curators´ residencies. The organisation activity consists also in spreading the knowledge in close contact with local public administrations and with the management of cultural heritage of the area. Adding to that, the practice in involvement of young talents from various disciplines in dialogue on contemporary cultural reality in the local context. All the realized activities aim at promoting young artists underlying the philosophy of seriousness and commitment on the side of young talents. Areacreativa42 work also with private gallery to do also research, and represent the connection between artist and exhibition spaces which is very important for young artists´ growth.   

Galerie Jána Koniarka (SVK)

Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava is state regional Museum of Modern and Contemporary art in Trnava, EU- Slovakia. Gallery is focusing especially on history and development of visual culture in 20th and 21st Centuries in the Central-European context. Its mission is to support of the young generation of sculptors. Gallery also directly invites and support financially sculptors to create exhibitions or sculpture project for the public space. The experts of the organisation have been mapping the situation concerning support given to young artists on a regular basis and in systemic way. They are also active in finding tools to strengthen the public and mass media awareness of the role of the contemporary sculpture. In this context, it has been preparing its own "Sculpture Park" for the period of 2022-25 in the grounds of Koppl's Villa in Trnava with the aim to promote sculpture art in public space. Since 2015, every year in summer the Gallery has been organizing workshops for children and youth titled "ARTlaboratory", these are led by professional young sculptors and incite children to create innovative approaches for creation of 3D artworks. The organisation does also a research in history of art whose outcomes are regularly published and available to general public. Following personalities cooperates with the Gallery – curators and art historians cooperate with the Gallery: Senior curator Lucia Gregor Stachová; Senior curator Miroslava Sikorová, Art historian and curator Filip Krutek, art historian, researcher - Peter Megyesi.